MSL ReviewUse this page to help assist your review. 1st and 5th blocks will be using the following Unit Review to create an overview and a correlating activity. Each unit is outlined for the student to assist them during the creation process. The Social Studies MSL will be on June 3rd. Please make sure that you help your child review for MSL's and EOG's every night. There are no re-tests due to the new curriculum and time limitations. Motivation and focus is important at this point in the year!!

2012-2013 Release MSL

Quizlet Flash Cards
Review Flash Cards

Review Flip Book

Historical Theme Project

Historical Theme Intro Vocabulary and Matching

Pre and Post Quizzes for Units 1-14. Students will use Data Tracker to measure their growth.

Review Project Instructions:

Review Packet:

Each block is required to complete Study Island assignment.
Study Island