84% Mastery and Tutoring in Ms. Hallingse's Class:
Students have the opportunity to retake any test they did not achieve an 84% or better on. Students may retest during class the day after the first attempt and after completing peer tutoring during class. You may also attend a 6th Grade Social Studies Department Tutoring offered Monday mornings at 8:15-8:45 with a confirmation email or parent three days prior. This email must include contact information with a telephone number. The schedule will rotate teachers from the Social Studies Department. PLEASE take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Mastery Information: Applying the 84% Mastery Concept at Ridge Road

  • Students who fail to score at least 84% on an assessment (major tests or formal assessments) will have the opportunity to retake the assessment once.

  • Students will have opportunities during the school day and before to gain the deficit knowledge necessary to demonstrate mastery when the assessment is re-administered.

  • The re-test should cover the same content material, but should not be identical to the original test.

  • Tutoring is a mandatory step taken prior to retesting.

  • The retest score obtained may be higher than 84%, but the grade book grade will not reflect anything higher than 84% for a re-test score. For example: If the first score is 78 and the second score is 90 then the final grade book score is 84. The maximum re-test score a student can earn is 84%.

  • Re-tests should take place within 5 days of the original feedback date.