Ancient RomeIn this unit we will be studying how the ancient Roman achievements in government, art, architecture, engineering, and law continue to influence the world today. We will analyze how the Roman empire is similar and different to other civilizations we have studied, specifically comparing them to ancient Greece. Students will have the opportunity to use the iPads to help them research about the Punic Wars, achievements of Roman culture and technology, and what daily life in ancient Rome was actually like.

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Vocabulary: There are two parts to the vocabulary.


Rome Video Questions

Introduction to Rome

Comparing Ancient Greece to Ancient Rome Graphic Organizer

The Genius of Rome: Students will watch Roman life as it was on Khan Academy. The Roman Genius worksheet will be used as a graphic organizer.

The Legend of Rome: How Rome began

Timeline of Roman Republic and Roman Empire

Roman Republic

The Roman Empire

Roman Army


Life in Ancient Rome

Leaders of Rome Biography

The fall of the Roman Empire

Jeopardy Review: