Please use this page to access all resources for Map Skills. There are helpful interactive games as well as PowerPoints, assignments, and directions for activities that we complete in class. The focus in this unit is to show mastery in understanding of map types, parts of a map, connecting to why maps are used, and major lines of longitude and latitude.


Intro Map Skills

Visual Vocabulary

Unit 2 Vocabulary Foldable

A simple "How To" foldable will be created and added into the notebook. This foldable will provide 4 simple steps to accurately label a map.

Map Skills Project

This worksheet will be used for practice!!

This worksheet will be used for practice!!

Jeopardy Review!

Jeopardy Review From Class

Pizza Delivery Game: Map Skills: Pizza Delivery
How to Play Pizza Delivery Game:

Helpful Links
Longitude and Latitude Online game
Longitude and Latitude Treasure Hunt
A whole bunch of games!!!!!