In Unit 4 our class will be studying Geography of People. We are focusing on population, migration, push/pull factors, and the importance of migration to the diversity of a region.

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Students will learn what population density is, debate their preference of urban vs. rural, Please be on the look out for some helpful notes and graphic organizers to help break down the material in this unit. We will have two quizzes on 10/4 (population) and 10/5 (migration).

Unit 4 Vocabulary

Population PowerPoint

Population Explosion

Population Target

Population: Rural, Urban, Suburban

Migration PowerPoint

Migration Activity: Push/Pull T-chart Homework 10/3

Migration Intro Reading Passage

Migration Through History

Involuntary vs.Voluntary Migration

Identifying Push/Pull Factors

Push/Pull Poster: Continuation from Identifying Push/Pull Factors.

Letter Home Research Project

Population Videos
Population Pressure
Population Over Time
Human Population and Strained Resources
World Population Prediction

Migration Videos
Earliest Human Migration
Migration to Cities
The City: Pull Factors
The City: Push Factors