Ancient Egypt
In this unit will analyze life as an Egyptian. Throughout the unit students will evaluate how the geography, religion, and social structure impacted daily life of Egyptians. Religion was a key component to the way Egyptians lived their daily lives. All aspects were centered around the idea of after life. The people's status in the class system determined the job of each citizen in Egypt as well as specific preparation that needed to take place before death. In this unit we will use maps to analyze the geography centered around the Nile River, write in hieroglyphics, order and create a social class, explore daily life as a Great Leader of Egypt, and create real artifacts based around the culture of Egypt.

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Flocabulary Song


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Introduction PowerPoints

Videos and Related Worksheets

Day in the Life: Great Pharaohs of Egypt


Egypt Stations: Please look over and pick ONE activity that you would like to complete in class. Some activities require you to bring supplies from home.

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Embalmer Application

Embalming Story

Social Class System
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