Each day students complete ONE question as their warm-up. This question is a review of content we have discussed or tested on. It is important to continuously review throughout the year in order for students to be prepared for the MSL. Your child should be writing down each question on a daily basis. Once we have gone through TEN questions, a quiz will be the next day. This should be an easy 100 for your child if they are completing the warm-ups daily and writing the questions and answer everyday.

Warm-up Format: This should be in the "Warm-Up" Section in the ISN
Warm-up # __
Question: Write the question

Answer: Answer the question

Warm-up Quiz 1

Warm-up Quiz 2

Warm-up Quiz 3

Warm-up Quiz 4

Warm-up Quiz 5

Warm-up Quiz 6

Warm-up Quiz 7

Warm-up Quiz 8